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Eco Club

                                            Wylde Green Primary School Eco Club

Meet the representatives :

               Jess (5H)                                Oscar (5H)                     Wilber (5B)                      Amelia (5B)

Jess (5H)      



       Daniel (4W)                           Olivia (4W)                         Zoya (4J)                          Finley (4J)




         Dicapri (3W)                       Annam (3W)                     Siena-Rose (3S)                      Jason (3S)



We started the Eco Club to promote awareness and understanding of environmental issues in the school and community. The children wrote speeches about why they wanted to represent their class and why they thought it is important to take care of the environment.

Our 4 main action points this year are: recycling, pollution, electricity and climate change.

Next half term we will be focusing on recycling.

So far, we have designed our own logo, decided on a slogan which is ‘Join the race for a better place’. We are currently promoting recycling and the children are making posters and a PowerPoint to present to their classes about the importance of recycling.